Steps Towards Reopening!

The Music Box is considered to reopen!
Theater District, Midtown Manhattan, NYC

As curtain-lift shows loom on Broadway, some venues are sending signals of hope and vitality. Selected Broadway venues, starting with New York State’s PopsUp program, which offers free pop-up performances to the public, mostly on Labor Day, welcome audiences to special events. The degree to which details of the performances will be published in advance will vary in both security measures and spontaneity initiatives. The first steps towards reopening are made on Broadway.

The announcement

Creel was one of the first performers to appear in the PopsUp series, which opened at the New York Public Library on September 1, 2014, as part of a special screening of the Broadway cast of “The Lion King.” Other cast members include David O’Hara, David Duchovny, Michael Cera and Michael D’Agostino.

In addition, many indoor venues that qualify as flex venues in upstate New York will be able to reopen as early as April 2. These include spaces that enable socially-distant seating configurations, open seating, and flexible seating configurations.

The initiative

Under this initiative, the New York State Department of Health will work with theater operators to develop a pilot reopening program that will implement health protocols and safety procedures that will allow venues to increase capacity and ultimately reach a full Broadway audience. The offers range from the original program to further pop-up performances, further announcements are to follow. Meeting rooms that exceed the capacity of the venue, provided that participants are given a negative diagnostic test prior to the event.

Collective effort

To address the ongoing efforts in Australia, which are attributed to staggered entry and exit times, steps are being taken to determine the cause of the fluctuating entry and exit times for special events in New York City.

The Empire State PopsUp program is led by Scott Rudin and Jane Rosenthal, whose involvement is led by New York City Opera’s director of public relations and public affairs. Production on Broadway is set to remain suspended until May 30, although some industry members see the fall as a more realistic timeframe.


These are small, yet very important first steps towards reopening on Broadway. After all, the machine would need time to warm up. It has been out for more than a year.

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