Musicals Set in Imagined Worlds: Let Your Fantasy Run Wild

You can travel through space, time, and dimensions, and the stage of musical theatre is the best vehicle for this world. Musicals set in imagined worlds give us the opportunity to visit places that are beyond our imagination. It allows us to visit different worlds that hardly exist but are different from ours. 

The Lion King

The show owes much of its success to the original and fairly authentic land, but although set in this world, the land of the proud beasts, ruled by a royal lion of blood, is largely fictional. 

The Lion King is a successful Disney creation set in a slightly different version of this world, but Disney’s flagship franchise, The Lion King, has proved a huge success, with several awards for its music on the big screen and stage, as well as several popular spin-offs. With a grossing of over 8.1 billion dollars in 1997, it was one of the most successful films of all time and the second largest grossing film in the world. 


The medieval Arab city of Agrabah is located somewhere in the Jordan desert, and the place itself is just as magical. 

Her main goal is to marry a powerful and rich prince, but she prefers to go in disguise among the common people. Her most precious is the lamp of a magical genius, which fulfills three wishes that no one has granted her, and so she becomes the target of many ambitious men. She meets Prince Ali and is in love with him, as well as with his wife and daughter. 


This Disney classic has enjoyed huge success on stage and is one of the most popular musicals of all time, both in the US and abroad. 

The Kingdom of Arendelle is home to creatures known as the hidden race of trolls, and many people in the series also have magical abilities, such as Princess Elsa. The world is a bit far from where we live at the time, but the fact that many of them have the ability to turn people’s hearts into ice and build castles makes the world even more exciting. 

Of course, one of the show’s other main themes is the strongest magic you’ve ever loved: love. 


With all the talking animals, flying brooms and other magical creatures, the land of Oz is as magical as it gets. However, they all have a lot of problems in the world: they are outlaws, criminals, evil, etc. They share a truth that accuses themselves from being part of the evil world and not of the good world, like Ossis. 

There are many magical beings playing the phantoms of the world, but I’m not sure if they are real or not. The Paris Opera is certainly out of this world, and the cave below is begged by a cave – in – the – below, a kind of underground world. 

It also stimulates the imagination of the little ones and provides the perfect backdrop for children’s games. These musicals set imagined worlds gives us a way to escape our everyday problems and problems, and that kind of magic is necessary on stage.

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