Galentine’s Day

If you’re spending February 13th with your girlfriend or just celebrating women in your life, here are some tunes you can hear for yourself. Copyright Leslie Knope, it’s all about the ladies you can party with, so if you’re spending it with a friend and you’re just celebrating women’s lives, then here’s a tune that everyone can hear. Here’s how to celebrate Galentine’s Day!

“Does Anybody Have a Map?”

Heidi Hansen and Cynthia Murphy connect with their family through their song “Mothers,” and it’s a very transformative message for mothers. Your mother may be different, but this song is dedicated to all mothers, whether you are a mom or not, and the mothers in your life.

“For Good”

While Elphaba and Glinda originally began as enemies, their friendship in Wicked is one of the times, but the unbreakable bond of female friendship is what this day is all about. Cinderella’s baker’s wife has an encounter with her prince, and the ladies sing to the boy to stop him from passing the Bechdel test. Although they started out as enemies, they are one after the other and girls just need quick access. Finally, a duet with Galentine for those of you who haven’t finished yet.

“Take Me or Leave Me”

The two always seem to be at each other’s throats, but ultimately it’s all in the name of love, so strap on the dealbreaker. When someone talks about a love triangle, it’s everyone’s friend, and this is a great opportunity to see Maureen and Joanne sparring vividly.

“Dance With You”

Emma and Alyssa meet in the gallery and secretly share a dream of the day they can dance together at the prom. This romantic duet is basically the opposite of “take it or leave it,” but it’s still fun to hear.

“If Momma Was Married”

The sisters have a special bond, but that doesn’t stop Millie and Dorothy from wanting to change the social class. Comparisons are the death of joy, and we are all in a mess once Mum is married, so we are dealing with a slightly unhinged mother trying to make herself famous.

With conjoined twins Daisy and Violet, it’s impossible to be closer than these two sisters. We know the struggles and needs of others and, despite our unique situations, we also know what it means to be “there” for others.

“How the Other Half Lives”

While this song always left me sobbing, I could hear Jo-Beth singing to her family “forever.” These sisters are not as close as they used to be, but they are still the best of us all.

What happens when two women fall in love with the same man, but things get a little awkward when Hyde decides to put on her nasty face? Jekyll and Hyde are singing their lines, and that’s the mood for 2021, isn’t it?

We will leave it to you to decide for yourself, but I am sure you will love it and you will sing along with me in a moment.


Galentine’s Day is a thing! A huge thing! And here’s how to celebrate it!

Romance is a huge part of it, too!