Finest Romantic Songs on Broadway

Being a fine place, Broadway is full of fine musical numbers. Many times a single song can make a whole show. Here are the finest romantic songs on Broadway!

“Unusual Way” (Nine)

The major’s change is joyous and hilarious, but it’s also a poignant song of self-discovery. Lisa Kron’s lyrics are clever and sharp, joyful and funny as well as poignant as a song about self-discovery, as a connection between the two about their love for each other and their friendship.

Alison’s lecherous exuberance is part of the song, as is Ben and Sally’s love for each other, and folly is the regret that comes with looking to the past. It’s all about what they miss and how little they might have left, about falling into the void and flying into something so sublime.

“Before and After You/One Second and a Million Miles” (Bridges of Madison County)

There is not much time left, but there is enough time, and it is about how much of that time is left for you and how little of it you have left.

The limits of language do not diminish the clarity of passion, but the depth of everything and the power of the song itself.

Like so many good love songs, it’s sweet, funny and subtly sad, but whatever it is, it’s one of the most romantic songs ever written for a musical. It’s also about a real person on the show because when Julie sings, “It’s hard not to think of my love Steve,” it’s for her. The song has become so popular that it was perhaps a bit unfair to include it here.

“Unworthy of Your Love” (Assassins)

Bill Finn’s lyrics are able to capture the truth of love in ways that many of his contemporaries have not yet managed to do. There is more to this song than words can say, and it is one of the most romantic songs ever written for a musical.

“If I Loved You” (Carousel)

Like the rest of the show, Carousel’s iconic banking scene is a musical theatre masterpiece. Something wonderful is incomparable, love is pure perfection, and the greatest love song in “The King” is one of my all-time favorite songs – time from the musical “Carousel.”

“Something Wonderful” (The King and I)

If Anna (Lady Thiang) and the king did not sing, no other man would ever behave with her except the wife and the concubine. This devotion, however unwise, is astonishing to behold, not only because of the love she feels for her King but also because of the man himself.

These finest romantic songs on Broadway can make up for a whole show. A precisely placed song can take the show to a whole new level!

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